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A livejournal connection space for English-speakers living in or moving to Berlin, Germany.
Welcome to the LJ community for English-speakers LIVING in (or moving to) Berlin! For starters, introduce yourself with a post explaining who you are, what you're doing here, what part of Berlin you're living in, and anything else you'd like to include. Please also feel free to include links to your own community, journal, flickr, etc. Rants, raves, and questions of all kinds are welcome although please keep in mind this is mostly a place to meet others and share experiences, not seek professional advice. If you have a question about anything related to visas, paperwork, etc., we recommend you first check the websites below and/or talk to your local consulate. If you're going to write on a specific topic, please tag your entries if possible so others can find it later. Recommended tags: moving, jobs, clubs, recommendations, friends, (part of berlin example: kreuzberg), advice.

Spaceman says if you are looking for any of the following, please use links:

Government Stuff:

Visas - http://www.germany.info/relaunch/info/consular_services/visa.html
Registration (That thing what you have to do in 7 days upon arriving in Germany)- http://www.berlin.de/verwaltungsfuehrer/buergerberatung/

Forums & Sites:

ToyTownGermany - One of the largest forums for English-speakers living in Germany. Beware of answers you may read in the forums. They are often incorrect and it is always best to check with other sources before following any of the advice you may read here. The adverts section is definitely useful for moving sales.

See: This Post

*NOTE: Some housing search sites include a commission fee for using their services. Check the About page of these sites to find out if this applies.

Exberliner - Berlin's primary English-speaking mag.
Zitty - Despite the homely title, a very hip mag about events in Berlin
Tip - Also in German. Up to date on the latest and greatest in Berlin.
Stadtkind - In German. Telling you more than you ever wanted to know about the Berlin art and music scenes.
Siegessaeule - Berlin's primary queer mag. (German)
Hoards of marvelous hand-made magazines and sketch books can be found at: Staalplaat

Photos: Berlin Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/52240504976@N01/
Berlin Life Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/livingberlin/
Street Art Berlin Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/14665572@N00/
Guess Where Berlin Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/gwb/

Job Search:
The German Yellow Pages (believe it or not) are a great way to make connections. Find the company category of your choice (perhaps "Sprachenschule" for language schools) and send your resume with cover letter. Yes, this has worked for many in the past.
Dave's ESL Cafe - Online forum and job board for ESL teachers.
Toy Town - A good resource, but also use your judgment when reading other people's posts.


Miss Berlinette - from the moderator of Berlin Expats comes a thorough overview of stuff and things in Berlin.
>Schnitzel and Vegetarian Schnitzel Go To Berlin - One meat-eating detroit musician, and one vegetarian writer move to Berlin. Which one will survive with their morals intact?


Groups: Booker Tea Reading Group - Monthly reading group with modern fiction in English.
berlinwriters is a growing writing community. Monthly meetings happen.

Clubs: List of clubs, bars, and so on: http://berlin.unlike.net/
Tresor - The Original Warehouse Party / Techno / Electro / Dub (Mitte)
Maria - That Party Everyone Else Is Going To / Electro / Indie(Mitte)
Watergate - Amazing Lighting Display + View of the Spree / DJs / Electro
King Kong Club- Chill Club, Good People / Indie / Live Music / Alternative
Panorama Bar / Berghain - POSH Warehouse + Aggressive Door Staff / Electro / DJs
Kit Kat Club - A Berlin Legend / Fetish / Gothic / Industrial (warning site has adult content)
Sage Club - Electro / Djs / Etc.
White Trash Fast Food - Comfort Food / Cheap Beer / A Dark Punky Dance Floor / Live Music
Club 103 - Next to Watergate / DJs / Electro / Drum n' Bass
Rechenzentrum - Party in a UFO / Electro / DJs
Bar 25 - After hours / off hours / DJs / tree swings
Cassiopeia - Reggae / Rock Climbing
Yaam - Reggae / Chill Moments / Private Beach

Restaurants & Grub:
Vegan Guide For Berlin
Die Henne - Gourmet, old-style fried chicken by reservation only.
Yellow Sunshine - Making vegetarians and vegans alike very happy with all-natural burger alternatives.
Eckbert - traditional (we think) German restaurant
Kantina Von Hugo - Italian & main course dining in a hip local setting.
Spindler & Klatt - Dine on a bed over-looking the Spree.
Nil - For a quick bite try this sudanese imbiss featuring halloumi (fried cheese) and tamiya (similar to falafel)
King of Falafel - Run by the queen of falafel herself. Try the pomegranate / ginger spread.

To Do:
Badeschiff - The infamous "pool boat" near kreuzberg / treptow - heated at night!
Neue nationalgalerie - Great museum featuring modern art installations. 2 euro admission for students (for current exhibit only)!
Mauer Park Flea Market - A cultural junk tradition.

NO GO LIST - We would advise against going to:
Tropical Islands (resort & spa), Weekend (the club) - AWFUL experiences here, both resulting in trips to the emergency room. Nuff said.